Beverly Hills is a beautiful and wealthy area and it, therefore, provides its residents with all of the benefits that California’s richest residents search for when they choose their homes. The properties in this neighborhood include some of the most stunning and expensive properties in the state. They provide their owners with a full range of modern amenities, as well as the luxury and privacy that these homeowners desire. Some of the most beautiful properties in the Los Angeles region are to be found within this City. One entrepreneur from Beverly Hills made it big; you can check out her The Beta Switch Review

1. Beverly Hills Attractions

Beverly Hills California is at all times synonymous with the 90210 zip code – this area is an attractive home and haven for socialites, elites, and most of all the wealthy and famous. The city became a household name when Shannen Doherty and the cast of Beverly Hills: 90210 debuted during the 90’s. Most residents are celebrities from the entertainment industry that alone is enough to draw thousands of visitors to the city annually.

2. Affaire at the Garden

The city is filled with annual Beverly Hills events such as The Affaire at the Garden Art Show – where artists can show their incredible artworks to the audience. This yearly event which started in 1973 has become a great drawer for brilliant artists and visitors, and for over 35 years The Beverly Gardens Park is the place of The Affaire at the Garden Art Show. The art event showcases the incredible artistry of numerous artists and exhibitors from all over the country from various crafts such as painting, watercolor, ceramics, jewelry, mixed media, printmaking, drawings, sculpture, and photography.

3. Shopping at the World Famous Rodeo Drive

The world famous Rodeo Drive has attracted shoppers around the world for its designer clothes and fashion apparels. Besides Italy and France, Beverly Hills is the epicenter of the fashion industry in the United States. The shopping district of Rodeo Drive extends with over 100 shops and boutiques of renowned designer clothes.

4. The Greystone Mansion

One of the public houses in the area is the Greystone Mansion; it was built in 1928 for the son of a wealthy oil baron. Its amazing backdrop has been the subject of top-notched television commercials, movies, weddings, film and photo shoots and cultural proceedings. Today the mansion is one of the most popular Beverly Hills Attractions – a public park which holds special events; visitors can access the formal garden and inner courtyard area. Besides being a public park, the Greystone Mansion holds Musical and Theatrical Performances all through the year.

5. City Parks and Things to do in Beverly Hills

Anybody can enjoy the life of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills Metro, the area is filled with exceptional recreational services and facilities that will surely entice visitors to have a real time such as picnics, family outings, biking, jogging, and hiking. After a busy day of recreation and leisure guests can enjoy excellent accommodation at Beverly Hills hotels and great dining to dozens of famous restaurants that offer a wide array of cuisines here and around the world.